Nîmes, an unforgettable experience

Nîmes is the Roman city by excellence.

Founded in the year 600 BC, Nîmes knew how to go through history while keeping her soul.
Nîmes is the Arena, the Maison Carrée, the Tour Magne, the Jardins de la Fontaine with the Temple of Diana. But Nîmes is also the feria, which makes the city vibrate to the rhythm of the bullfights and bodegas, on an air of Flamenco.

Nîmes is an art of living. Stroll through its streets, go shopping, or discover a museum, an exhibition, a gallery. Not to mention the gastronomy of the south. Imagine a patio in the shade of plane trees, where to enjoy a gardiane de taureau, a tian of sun vegetables, savor a glass of Languedoc wine, with olive tapenade or cod brandade. Nîmes, it’s to discover!

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