Our countryside is beautiful!


How lucky we are to live in this beautiful region, rich in local products, authenticity and values of the land. Our winegrowers, breeders, cheesemakers, olive growers make us more than happy us with their products that have the good smell of the terroir.


Olives and wines

The village of Aubussargues, where our guest house is located, is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. This results in a  local production of olive oils and wine and there are many cellars and mills. We cannot list them all on this page, but here is a small selection.

Wines :

Le Clos de la Garriguette
Le Clos Galant

Domaine Charbier & fils
Les collines de Bourdic

Deleuze Rochetin

The olives :

Au Pas de l'Ane (Aubuss'ane)

Le moulin de Soulas 

Domaine Catresse

Le moulin d'Uzes

Breeders and cheese makers


Our territory is also rich in breeders, especially bulls, pigs, ewes, and goats… Raised in the open air, you can regularly meet the herds in the surrounding fields, at the bend of a road or a path.


Mas de la Courme

A breeder of goats and pigs, in Saint Bénézet and in the middle of the garrigue, Mathieu Rio also produces goat cheese, the famous pélardon (in the AOP and AOC appellation), and sells terrines and other products from his farm directly on site. Do not miss the house speciality, the fresh Pélardon sausage.


Manade de la Clastre

Breeding of Camargue bulls, which live in semi-freedom, on 130 hectares of land in Sanilhac-Sagriès. Specimens of character, particularly suitable for guardian games. The manade regularly organizes traditional festivals, which everyone can attend and participate in: abrivades, encierros, ferrades, Camargue races... The manade also raises sheep. We supply ourselves there directly for our bull gardiane!