©J.M_BD  Gard Tourisme Pont du Gard

©J.M_BD Gard Tourisme Pont du Gard

An ecological cottage and 3 guest rooms, for a responsible stay! Discover our vacation rental, labeled Gîtes de France 3* and Accueil Vélo.


An ecological lodge and eco-responsible rooms

Sensitive to environmental issues since its creation in 2009, we have started over the years a virtuous approach for our Mas.

Having the chance to be located in a green setting in the Gard, near Uzès and the Pont du Gard , we strive to respect this exceptional living environment by being attentive to the relevance of our investments in terms of equipment. , and committed to raising awareness among our visitors.


The ecological lodge, a great opportunity to become eco-responsible!

Attentive to welcome guests with the same concerns as us and invite them to spend the greenest holidays possible, we welcome you to a haven of peace where nature is queen. Our Mas, nestled in the heart of unspoiled nature, offers an idyllic setting for nature lovers and sustainable tourism enthusiasts.


Welcome to our ecolodge and bed and breakfast with the Gîtes de France*** and Qualité Tourisme ™ label, where you can enjoy a stay combining comfort, relaxation and respect for the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our accommodation. The renovation and decoration of the premises (largely antique), have been designed so that you can recharge your batteries in an atmosphere linked to the history of the Mas: an old agricultural property from the beginning of the 18th century in a charming little Gallo- Roman village surrounded by forests, scrubland and vineyards. The gîte is located in the former silkworm farm and the guest rooms in the body of the Mas.We have integrated energy-efficient equipment to reduce our energy consumption, encourage the selective sorting of waste and use cleaning products that respect the environment. Our garden is a real haven of biodiversity, where you can walk and relax. Occasionally we host table (approximately 3 evenings / week) from local and seasonal products, highlighting the rich soil of our region. We also offer picnic baskets, local and seasonal too, do not hesitate to ask us.

By choosing to stay at the Mas des Sages, in our gîte or bed and breakfast, you are choosing a holiday that respects nature, where comfort and harmony with the environment go hand in hand.



Sustainable values and commitments: the Labels, a guarantee of responsible stay


Gîtes de France 3 épis since 2010

By choosing a Gîte de France 3 épis, you benefit from comfortable, authentic and quality accommodation, while benefiting from a personalized experience and warm service.

4 major criteria are emphasized at the Mas des Sages:

  1. Comfort and quality: high-level equipment, as well as special attention to detail to offer you a pleasant stay,
  2. Authenticity and charm: the Mas, located in a rural environment in the heart of a picturesque village and close to an exceptional heritage: Uzès, Nîmes, Avignon, Le Pont du Gard, Arles, the Mediterranean coast ... , offers an idyllic setting and full of charm. Old renovated agricultural property, the stone building is well insulated and allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture, a change of scenery guaranteed!
  3. Warm welcome: need I say it? we are attentive and welcoming and will be happy to share our tips and partner offers to discover the region off the beaten track,
  4. Recognized quality label:Gîtes de France is an official national network of vacation rentals. The 3 ears classification guarantees that our accommodation meets high quality standards.


Holders of the Quality Tourism label for Bed and Breakfasts since 2020

In addition to the 4 criteria mentioned above for the Gîtes de France label, the national Qualité Tourisme ™ brand (the only state brand awarded to tourism professionals) underlines our commitment to the quality of the welcome and our services.


Cycling and cycle tourism welcome

At Mas des Sages, we welcome cyclists with care and pleasure. The benefits of staying with us:

  • We are located near cycling routes and cycle loops, our destination is full of beautiful discoveries
  • We have equipment suitable for cyclists: secure bike shelter, repair kit,
  • We distill practical information, advice and good local plans,
  • We provide dedicated contacts and services for bicycle travellers: taxi for luggage transfer, laundry and drying, bike rental and washing

More info: Bicycle tourism - Le Mas des Sages - AUBUSSARGUES - FRANCE


Ademe Sustainable Tourism Fund with Gard Tourisme

It is partly thanks to the Ademe Sustainable Tourism Fund that we are able to implement actions aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, promoting renewable energies, preserving biodiversity, improving waste management , etc.

More info:


European Ecolabel: a label we would like!

Next step, apply for the very selective European Ecolabel to push our approach even further.



Daily eco-gestures


Water saving

Faced with the period of drought that has been raging for some time in our department, it is crucial to become aware of the scarcity and value of water, and of our collective responsibility in its preservation. In order to deal with this situation, the Gard Prefecture has implemented restrictive measures concerning the use of water, established through a prefectural decree comprising different levels of alert.

These announcements alert us to the urgency of preserving and managing this fragile resource with care. It is imperative to adopt sustainable and responsible practices in order to guarantee access to water for all, while preserving the fragile ecosystems that depend on it.


Electricity saving

Another essential resource, electricity and especially its production and distribution can lead to considerable pressure on the environment. To mitigate the impacts on the electricity network, it is up to everyone to act.

Thanks to energy-efficient equipment and small gestures, we can all contribute to the collective effort:

  • we have a very economical dishwasher in water and energy,
  • we plan to replace the dryer with a model with a class A+++ heat pump (the dryer is only used in rainy weather).
  • turning off unnecessary lights, thermostat on heating and air conditioning, closing doors and windows in summer and winter to maintain a pleasant temperature.


Sorting of waste

During your holidays, continuing to sort your waste like at home is a simple gesture but one of great importance for the environment. Near the Mas you have access to these collection bins for paper, plastic, glass and packaging.You thus allow their recovery and their transformation into new resources, thus preventing them from ending up in polluting landfills, polluting the soil and waterways, thus preserving the beauty of the landscapes that you appreciate so much on vacation.


In the garden

We set up a composting system to recover organic waste and produce a natural fertilizer, thus promoting the fertility of our soil in an ecological way. In addition, we cultivate our own vegetable garden in order to supply the table d'hôtes with fresh, local and seasonal products, thus reducing our carbon footprint linked to food transport. For our energy supply, we have installed solar panels and a solar cumulus, allowing us to produce electricity for hot water in a renewable way. We also encourage soft mobility by providing a charging station for electric vehicles. Finally, we have undertaken a revegetation of green spaces by favoring plants adapted to the local climate, promoting biodiversity and the preservation of the ecosystem. With these different initiatives, we want to offer our visitors an environmentally friendly stay, where comfort and ecology go hand in hand.


Responsible table d'hôtes and picnic baskets of local products

Our table d'hôtes is fully committed to an eco-responsible approach by adopting various eco-gestures. First of all, we redesigned our supply and our menus by setting up a vegetable garden. Thus, part of the products used in our dishes are grown locally, thus promoting short circuits and reducing our carbon footprint.

In addition, we pay particular attention to food waste by using glass jars for preservation and storage. This practical solution allows us to extend the life of our food while avoiding the use of single-use plastic. In this way, we ensure that we maximize the use of each ingredient and limit waste.

In order to reduce our energy consumption related to cooking and preparing dishes, we recently acquired an Ecocotte (a Norwegian pot). Thanks to this acquisition, we can cook more efficiently, using less energy and preserving food nutrients. This energy-efficient approach contributes to our overall commitment to environmentally friendly cooking.

By practicing these eco-gestures for our table d'hôtes, we want to offer our guests a quality culinary experience while minimizing our impact on the environment. We believe in the importance of adopting sustainable and responsible practices, and we are constantly striving to evolve towards a more nature-friendly approach.


Awareness and communication

In order to let as many people as possible know that a number of small actions on vacation can have a big impact, we have designed and produced benevolent communication media. Our bias: no guilt messages but engagement!

Our mascot, the Tomte, is a little elf from Scandinavian folklore specific to our culture since we are from northern Europe (I am Dutch, and my husband Philippe is 50% Swedish).

It seemed relevant to us to stage it so that through it, young and old act like at home.

  • realization of postcards on easels affixed in the rooms. One card per theme: water, electricity, waste,
  • variation of these visuals on our social networks,
  • a display panel listing the possible soft trips around the Mas,
  • update of our welcome booklet and website to include our ecological commitments.